House of Habib

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House of Habib

Habib University Foundation

Habib University Foundation (H.U.F.) is a not-for-profit organization which supports educational initiatives, research and innovation. The Foundation believes that appropriate nurturing of human potential is essential for the creation of a socially and morally responsible society hence, the Foundation develops and supports a diverse portfolio of programs which aim at establishing dynamic learning spaces.

A project of Habib University Foundation

Educate promising students from all backgrounds and enable them to become competent, caring and critically-conscious members of society.

Engage outstanding academics with a passion for teaching, who will work with us to enrich the minds and lives of our students and contribute positively to the larger community.

Promote creativity, academic freedom and exchange of ideas in an intellectually stimulating environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Habib School Trust

Habib School Trusts operate three major schools in Karachi. Habib Public School, Habib Girls School, and Ghulaman-e-Abbas. Altogether there are 5000 students and staff member including teaching staff of 500 teachers.

While each school is uniquely different a common thread that runs through them is the concept of “Whole child development”. We combine strong academics with learning based co-curricular activities, sports, social skills and values development.

Habib Public School

Ever since it was founded in 1959 Habib Public School has been striving to provide the best to students in all dimensions of their personality growth.

In the formative years the school established credentials in academics and sports; in fact the pioneers always believed that the two facet of learning are closely interwoven, what is taught as values in classrooms is demonstrated aptly in the play fields. Together the experience leaves indelible imprints on the minds and behaviour of students who carry the learning into their practical life and benefit the society. Periodically the whole concepts involved in fostering and nurturing students was reviewed to adapt to changing trends and time.

Habib Girls School

The culture and work environment of any organisation, no less a school, are an expression of its values. Very often it reflects the values of its leaders. Some salient features of Habib Girls School culture are enumerated below:

  • Respect
  • Equity
  • Support
  • Team spirit
  • Enjoyment
  • Love the students