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Torrential rains in Sindh/Badin September, 2011

rainsThe area was flooded affecting the people therein.  HOH was there distributing food supplies, “life straw” water filtration units and tents to the affectees, approximately a thousand families were assisted.

Floods of August 2010 which devastated our country

floodsHOH and its companies provided relief to the flood affected areas by serving meals, food packs, clean drinking water/filtration units, medical assistance. Total value of relief work was Rs.59.6 million.  HOH also rehabilitated the affected persons by building a model village at Muzaffargarh of 50 houses costing Rs.15 million.

Cyclone Phet of June 2010

cycloneRelief operations in the affected areas of Sindh (Shahbandar), a medical camp was set up with male and female doctors in attendance. Relief food/rations were distributed to the affectees as well. Approximately Rs. 1 million were spent for this operation.

May 2009 crises of IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons)

Internally displaced peopleThe relief activities were: Food items, kitchen utensils, mats, plastic tubs which were sent to Mardan and distributed to the affectees in that area along with emergency medical assistance.

Earthquake of 2005 in the Northern areas

EarthquakeThe group besides giving immediate help to the affected persons in the form of food, blankets, medical aid etc, rebuilt an entire village (148 houses) and a total of  Rs.67.50 million were spent. Three (3) schools in the effected area worth Rs.15. 4 million were also built.

House of Habib Flood Relief Efforts

Muzaffargargh & Hyderabad (Habib Farms)

A survey was conducted by Thal Jute management to asses the extent of damage/ loss suffered by some of our employees living in Muzaffargarh and adjoining areas:

200 workers of Thal Jute have lost everything in the floods including their houses, cattle, crops and household goods. 68 workers have been displaced due to flood waters and their houses have been partially damaged. 231 workers and their families are trapped and surrounded by flood waters but their property like house, cattle and other household items are safe. 277 were inaccessible due to flood water and could not be reached. Continue reading →

House of Habib Flood Relief Efforts

Muzaffargargh, Keti Bandar & Habib Farms (Hyderabad)
Relief Update: requirements there. On Monday,30th August, 2010, Mr. Ali S. Habib met the Prime Minister in Islamabad and handed him a check for Rs. 10 million for the  flood relief work. Last week order of 2000 pieces of  “Life Straw (a Swiss process of purifying water which works on gravity, each costing Rs. 2,500).”

The consignment has reached Karachi today, Tuesday 31st August, 2010. Pick-up is being arranged. We are also purchasing 25,000 sachets of water purifiers each costing Rs. 430. Both these items will cost us Rs.  5,107,500/-. We have learnt from Islamabad that there is an acute shortage of tents in the relief camps and therefore we have decided to redirect some of the resources for the purchase of the same. With the payment of 7.5 million from Indus Motors, our collection till date is Rs. 19,415,570/-. Continue reading →

House of Habib Flood Relief

We are pleased to bring you the latest update on the model village (Basti Khara Niazi, Muzaffargargh) which HOH is rebuilding through our resources.

1 Roof laying work of 83 houses completed
2 Mud plastering work is still in progress
3 Wall plastering of living rooms, verandas and courtyards completed
4 Concrete flooring completed
5 Courtyards will remain KACHA and its leveling work and compaction work currently being done
6 Construction work of kitchens and washrooms is in progress

Continue reading →

Agriauto CSR Activities


Contribution to the community

Our company remained committed in its efforts to help our environment and society. We continue to support the 10 principles of the United Nations Global Compact, and thus ensure that our corporate citizenship commitment and policies are deeply embedded in these principles. During the year Rs. 6.7 million had been contributed to various NGOs/ Institutions / Trusts working towards human cause. Continue reading →

Disaster Relief

ThalDuring the year Thal Limited concentration has been on providing relief to the affectees of the devasting floods which ravaged our country, leaving millions displaced and in a dire situation. In collaboration with the Thal Limited, House of Habib, we helped to alleviate the plight of flood affectees in Muzaffargarh.
The relief activities were spread over two phases: Continue reading →