We transform everyday building materials into the spaces and homes of your dreams. Our building material businesses have acquired international demand by offering discerning clientele the best selection in ceramics and tiles, a variety of high-quality laminates and writing surfaces.
Shabbir Tiles

As the pioneer in Pakistan, Shabbir Tiles started out in 1978 by making thecountry’s first private sector investment in the ceramics and tiles industry.The company is also the leading exporter of international standard high quality Digital InkJet, Ceramic & Porcelain Tiles, and Installation Materials to UAE, Sudan, Oman, Srilanka and Afghanistan.


Shabbir Tiles a public listed company is proud to have an international collaboration with Agrob Anlagenbau GmbH of Germany which allows us to maintain our superior quality and position in local and foreign markets. The latest Italian technology and state-of-the art machinery are used to create the distinct designs and materials present in our range of products,distributed by more than 350 authorized dealers in Pakistan and Afghanistan. The company’s flagship brand ‘STILE TILES’ is well known through-out the country for shaping spaces and lifestyles. The vast varietyof products manufactured by Shabbir Tiles feature the Moddish Collection, multiple types of Wall Tiles, D.I.Y (Do it Yourself) Installation Materials, a range of Building Materials and Water Proofing Systems.


In 2018, Shabbir Tiles added at least one new Emporium in the major cities of Lahore, Karachi and Rawalpindi, and also began production on its latest signature collection. Today, we are proud to be partners with millions of people in building dreams that last a lifetime


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Baluchistan Laminates Division

Baluchistan Laminates Division is a part of Thal Limited. With a mission to beautify your living and work spaces, Baluchistan Laminates Division’s vast array of products remain highly sought after by individuals and organizations looking to decorate or renovate interiors.


The Laminates business started out in 1980 as a first of its kind manufacturing unit, set up to produce high-pressure decorative laminates under the brand name of Formite. Some successful years later, the Company opted to expand its offerings by introducing technical laminates under the name Melamite.


Today the organization is indeed a market leader known for its variety of high-quality laminates which include both high and low pressure laminates, compact laminates, technical laminates and a range of paper and fabric based phenolic laminates. The business also produces a varietyof writing surfaces which include laminated chalkboards, marker boards, magnetic marker boards and call-out boards. They also started producing melamine based Bathroom Cubicles too.


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