In the age of convenience, House of Habib’s Packaging Businesses serve over 1 million customers a day. Our products help in keeping over 5.5 million tons of food products fresh for your families. We also offer simple solutions that make carrying your favorite food, keeping cement airtight or transporting a designer dress, easier - So that you can enjoy life to the fullest.
Pakistan Papersack Division

Pakistan Papersack Division is a subsidiary of Thal Limited. As the pioneering multi-ply manufacturer, Pakistan Papersack started operations in the 1970’s and has enjoyed market dominance since its very inception. With two strategic production plants located in Hub (Baluchistan) and Gadoon (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa), we are conveniently located so that rising demand for our products can be met easily. The current production capacity of both these units is 150 million sacks with plans to scale up in the future and continue our leadership streak.


The company provides high quality packaging solutions to various industries that include cement, chemicals and dyes, bonding adhesives, industrial salt, calcium, gypsum, carbon black, milk powder and guar gum amongst others. An industrious 50-year history has allowed us to gain valuable insight into the packaging industry allowing us to not only capture local demand but also export to key international markets including Middle East, India, EU and the UK.


Recently, Pakistan Papersack Division expanded its portfolio to include SOS bags (single or multi ply square bottom) with an annual capacity of 25 million bags to cater to global and local fast food franchises and also the retail packaging sector. In the Fast Food segment our products include SOS bags for Food Service and Delivery and Burger Wraps and Tray Liners. The company also has ISO 22000 Certification – Food Safety Management Systems – from SGS, making us the first ISO certified paperbag manufacturer in the country.


We also recently launched the carrier bag division, the first of its kind in Pakistan to manufacture fully automated machine-made bags. Primarily targeting the fashion retail industry, the carrier bags segment provides unmatched quality and efficiency, and has been establishing a growing presence in the local market since its inception.


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Jute Division

Thal Jute is a subsidiary of Thal Limited. In 1966, the House of Habib undertook its first industrial venture – Thal Jute Mills Limited which commenced operations and began manufacturing Jute products for a variety of sectors. As the premier manufacturer and exporter of high quality Jute products in Pakistan, Thal Jute Mill’s extensive range includes Twill Sacks, Coffee Sacks, Sugar Sacks, Heavy Cees, Light Cees, Hessian Cloth, Hessian Bags (ordinary / natural white), Yarn and Twine.


Located in Muzaffargarh – the company has equipped itself with the best practices and in house development of various technologies for greater cost efficiency in order to maintain its leadership status, in terms of price and quality. Thal Jute employs around 3,500-strong skilled and unskilled labor force making it one of the largest employers in the area. Strict quality measures are ensured and dedicated sales teams are deployed to ensure quality so that customer satisfaction is maintained at the highest levels both in Pakistan and aboard. Countries of export include Australia, Italy, Chile, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Spain, Turkey and Malaysia.


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